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An important part of vehicle maintenance is having regular emission inspections. Good for the environment and your vehicle, emission inspections can help determine how your automobile is functioning internally. At Car Wash Depot, we offer emission inspections for all types of vehicles. If you are located in the Canton, GA area and are an automobile owner, it is time to visit Car Wash Depot to test your vehicle.

Emission inspections are a simple process requiring a short time frame and several easy steps. If your vehicle passes the test, you will be able to drive away in your car, sporting a clean bill of vehicle health! In the event that your vehicle does not pass the smog inspection test, here are some of the reasons why:

• Out-of-Spec Fuel Metering—This malfunction is often a result of the CPU, the fuel injector, or the carburetor unit.
• Worn Spark Plugs—Hydrocarbons may peak during the test as a result of spark plug wear.
• Vacuum Leaks—If the MAP sensor malfunctions or the hoses are faulty, this can also throw off test results.
• EVAP and Air-Injection Malfunction—The air-injection system has a great deal to do with controlling the hydrocarbons and the carbon monoxide emissions for the vehicle.

The next time you need to take your vehicle in for a smog test in Canton, GA, visit the professionals who deliver accurate results with every test. Give Car Wash Depot a try for emission inspections!

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